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Architects in Europe

Evaluation of Different aspects and Types of Existing Rules and Regulations of the architectural Profession in Europe

This project explores several aspects of regulation of the architectural profession in the European Member States. It is part of a broad study concerning regulations, their effects on markets and the functions of liberal professions in society.

In order to collect and compile the types of existing rules and regulations of the architectural profession in the European Member States, we conducted a postal. Topics of the questionnaire were the different aspects of regulation related for instance to the qualification of architects, compulsory practical training (traineeship), continuing professional development, requirements to practice as an architect, rules of professional conduct and remuneration as well as the extend of taxes to be paid by architects. Based on the survey results, we will analyse the sources of law and the existing types of rules and regulations in order to get a deeper understanding of the regulation systems of the architectural profession in the European Union.


The Survey:

The questionnaire is addressed to legal experts who are involved in the topic of regulation in architects' associations, chambers/councils and state bodies (e.g. ministries). Therefore we contacted persons of public registers (sources: web pages of architects' associations, councils, etc.) in every European member state.


Term of the project:

The project started in April 2013 with the questionnaire design. After pretesting the questionnaires were dispatched from July 2013 onwards. We intend to present the preliminary results in 2014.



Julia Pommerening & Dr. Dirk Michel
Research Assistants