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The European Centre for Liberal Professions (Kopie 2)

Liberal Professions in the European Union are subject to a regulation that is distinctively structured in each member state. At the level of the European Union as well as in the member states it is considered to either curtail the law regulating liberal professions or to abolish it completely. The overall aim is to create a “dynamic and competitive, knowledge-based economic area”.

The European Centre for Liberal Professions aims to develop overarching principles for the regulation of liberal professions, based on legal and economic findings. By reference to these overarching principles, it analyses what regulatory approaches are necessary and useful for the protection of purchasers and customers alike.

It is the assigned task of the Centre to address any questions that might arise during this process. Implementing interdisciplinary research methods, the research team is bringing together the aforementioned issues while also considering the socio-economic and legal implications any reform might have.